Investing in Pharmaceutical Research for Carbohydrates to Improve Human Health

Carbohydrates are the building blocks of a normal human cell, and are essential for its proper functioning. Carbohydrates feature as an important agent in disease causing pathologies, which includes inflammatory diseases, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. They have a vast range of shapes and sizes, and due to this fact, they can be used to manufacture an array of complex therapeutic and diagnostic drugs in order to improve human health. There have been significant scientific advances in the research of carbohydrate-lipid linkages, glycolipids, where they have been found effective in the detection of M.Tuberculosis.

Listed below are the several ways via which carbohydrates have been helping the mankind by acting as efficient therapeutic and diagnostic agents.

Chronic Heart Failure

There are several carbohydrate based rugs that are currently being administered in understanding chronic heart failure. A Galectin (a family of proteins defined by their binding specificity for β-galactoside sugars) based compound has recently been used for blood tests for clinical use in chronic heart failure. Another complex carbohydrate compound was then used to bind and block the effects of the galectin based compound after the test was completed.

Cancer Immunotherapy

Another galectin based compound is used for cancer immunotherapy (treatment that uses the body’s own immune system to help fight cancer). The drug binds with a carbohydrate compound and acts as a therapeutic agent.

Diabetes Mellitus

Untreated and uncontrolled diabetes leads to micro and macro vascular complications, and a plethora of other medical conditions. Thus, strict glycemic monitoring is essential to keep the danger at bay. Even though carbohydrate intake increases the blood sugar levels, it was observed that several carbohydrate based drugs were actually able to lower the post meal elevation of blood glucose, and may prove to be helpful in delaying and preventing the onset of Type 2 diabetes related health complications which include heart disease, stroke, kidney damage, retinopathy and diabetic foot.


The galectin based compound is also an operative agent in the treatment cycle of fibrosis, which is also known as thickening and scarring of connective tissues.

In a pharmaceutical industry, carbohydrates act as a key element in aiming to fulfill the unmet medical needs in a variety of areas concerning human health. This is why Ulcho Biochemical Ltd has invested time and energy in the research and development of carbohydrate based drugs to offer an easier diagnostic and therapeutic option for the people.

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