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Quality Strategy

The quest for the perfect solution. Never-ending improvement thanks to creativity and the ability to adapt. Always seeing what has been achieved and the current challenges as a starting point and incentive for the next development.
Doing this requires a specific mindset: namely, that of an entrepreneur who always wants to offer his partners the best possible quality. With 100% reliability, no exceptions. Steadfastly convinced of doing the right thing.
We at FCAD have lived up to this commitment to quality from the very outset. Embedded as a strategy, established as a company-wide initiative, it shapes our day-to-day activities over the long term. Our current position as market leader in the production of fine chemicals is a result of this consistent focus and, of course, the requirements and appreciation of our customers:

Quality Matters.



Sustainable development has been defined as the balance of economic success, ecological protection and social responsibility. To effectively manage sustainability, a company must able to measure or otherwise quantify sustainability in each of these pillars. quality-and-sustainability-blatt
Many shoppers know the feeling: “I want to buy a decent product that’s good quality, worth the money, and manufactured in an environmentally and socially compatible way.” Finding a product with that kind of sustainability isn’t always easy. But finding such a product is not generally easy. Glass or plastic? Petrol or bio-diesel? Chemical or fermentation processing? The results are sometimes surprising.
Though a number of different measurement and valuation methods exist, most of them are focused exclusively on ecological aspects, i.e. impact on climate, forest decline or water. However, methods developed on that basis reflect only a small part of what sustainability is all about: balancing environment and economics. The aim of FCAD’s analysis methods is therefore to quantify and assess total costs and the ecological impact e products or processes over their entire life-cycle.

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