IVD (In vitro diagnostic) Material Development


Clinical Chemistry Raw Materials, Molecular Diagnostic Raw Materials, Immunodiagnostic Raw Materials and Coagulation Diagnostic Raw Materials


Custom development of the Enzymatic Reagent, Immune Turbidimetric Reagent and Molecular Diagnostic Reagent and provide after-sale service


Custom development of Glyco-enzymes, Glyco-amino Acids, Sugar Nucleotides, Glyco-probes, Sugar Intermedias and Glyco-lipids

Jiangsu Watson Bio Ltd was started in early 2021 and acts as a research and development company under FCAD, dedicated to the production and supply of high-quality IVD (In vitro diagnostic) raw materials including enzymes, carbohydrates, antigens, antibodies and custom biochemicals. With a laboratory in Shanghai Jinqiao Development Zone, Jiangsu Watson provides excellent contract outsourcing services (CRO) with after-sale support.


Watson relies on the R&D platform of institutes and university key labs which have world-class R&D conditions and advanced high-throughput screening, gene cloning and expression technology.


Strong technical to help customers develop and produce IVD (In vitro diagnostic) reagents in biochemical, immune turbidity, and POCT platform to let customers achieve high efficency.

Optimization & Transformation of Enzyme Molecules (IVD Use)

Watson has rich experience in enzyme resource exploration, optimization and transformation. It can explore new enzyme sources from huge enzyme resources and optimize and transform the most suitable enzyme molecules. Through the establishment of extensive and in-depth cooperation with the professional enzyme engineering research teams of many famous universities, Watson can grasp the frontier of enzyme engineering in time and quickly transform into the advanced technology of the company.

Watson can perform important enzyme functions such as enzyme activity, stability, substrate specificity, optimum pH, and organic solvent resistance. By rational design, new enzyme resources with greatly improved performance are quickly obtained to meet the application requirements of the target enzyme in different fields such as diagnosis, medicine, energy, washing and papermaking.

Selection of Molecular Modification of Enzyme

LIPASE Thermal stability Increase 230 times
GLYCOSYLTRANSFERASE Catalytic activity Increase 380 times
GLUCOSE OXIDASE Thermal stability Increase 120 times
CELLULASE Optimal pH Reduce 2 pH units
FRUCTOSYLPEPTIDE OXIDASE Substrate specificity Selectivity increased 700 times
ESTERASE Organic solvent resistance Tolerance of 80% ethanol
Β-LACTAMASE Stereoselectivity Increase 200 times

Optimizing Service of Freeze-drying Conditions of Protein (For IVD Use)

Proteins usually exist in solution after purification, but the storage time of protein solution is very short. A good freeze-drying process can preserve the activity of most proteins, improve the stability of proteins, prolong the storage time, and reduce the freight.

However, protein freeze-drying may cause loss of protein activity, aggregation and other denaturation problems. Watson has been exploring protein freeze-drying process for many years and has accumulated rich freeze-drying experience. It can customize protein freeze-drying process or optimize its original process for customers.

Our Advantages on IVD Materials

  • Widely recognized brand by our served customers
  • Featured products in stock for delivery at any time
  • Mature freeze-drying technology to ensure of easy transportation and storage
  • Timely after-sales service via email to support the use of our products
  • High quality materials with competitive price

Featured Antibodies and/or Antigens as IVD Materials

  • Vitamin: 25-Hydroxyvitamin D, 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3, Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid
  • Thyroid Function: Thyroxine t3, Thyroxine t4 and Reverse T3 (rT3)
  • Gonad: Estrogen like Estriol / Oestriol / E3, Estradiol / E2 and Estrone / E1; Progesterone like P4 and 17α-OH-Progesterone; Androgen like Testosterone and Androstenedione / A4 / AED / ‘Δ4-dione
  • Hypertension: Aldosterone, Cortisol, Angiotensin I, Angiotensin II, Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH / Adrenocorticotropin / Corticotropin), S-Adenosyl-l-homocysteine (SAH), Homocysteine (HCY)
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM): Cyclosporine (Cyclosporine A / Ciclosporin), Tacrolimus (FK506), Mycophenolic Acid (Mycophenolate / MPA), Sirolimus (RPM / RAPA / Rapamycin / Rapamune), Carbamazepine (CBZ), Phenytoin (Diphenyl Hydantoin), Valproic Acid (VPA), Phenobarbital (Phenobarbitone / Luminal), Methotrexate (MTX), Vancomycin (INN), Theophylline and Digoxin
  • Drug Abuse Test: Oxazepam (Serenid / Serax / Adumbran / Limbial / Vaben), Lorazepam (Ativan / Lorax / Quait / Temesta), Clonazepam (Antelepsin / Darkene / Clonex / Clonopin / Rivotril), Olanzapine (Zyprexa), Paroxetine (Paroxetin / Paroxetinum / Seroxat / Seroxat / Paxil), Methamphetamine, Cocaine (Jam / Erythroxylin / Methylbenzoylecgonine), Amphetamine, Marijuana (Cannabis), Acetaminophen (Paracetamol), Morphine, Oxycodone (Oxycodonum / Thecodine), Benzodiazepine (BZD), Buprenorphine, Phenobarbital (Phenobarbitone / Luminal), Theophylline, Propoxyphene, Opium and Ketamine
  • Chemical Research to remain competitive and meet the demand for more complex structures.

  • Manufacturing Support Service for process transfer from the development stage to production.

  • Application Research with continuous investment to bridge the gap between basic research and application.

  • Manufacturing Capabilities from research level production to full cGMP manufacturing.