Formulation Development

Once your product’s characteristics are identified, our scientists will formulate your product, making sure that it fits all of your requirements. We then create prototypes of your product in small batches for your evaluation and laboratory testing.

You will have the benefit of our vast chemical formulation expertise as well as our extensive database of industry experts. Our formulators are well versed in the typical components of coatings and personal care products, including surfactants, preservatives, fragrances, resins, and pigments. They are also experienced in utilizing FCAD’s deformulation results to develop new product formulas.

As part of the formula optimization process (changing preservatives, introducing “green” raw materials, etc.), we will deliver a set number of iterations of the formula in order to deliver a product which meets your specifications. FCAD clients also retain full rights to the final formula.

Personal Care Formulation Development
Our formulations team has helped develop numerous products including:

Body washes
Natural and organic
And more…

Paints and Coatings Formulation Development
Learn more about formulation development for paints and coatings. Our coatings specialists have formulated numerous products including:

Interior and exterior coatings
2k urethane coatings
Marine coatings
Solvent borne
And more…

A client was looking to develop an industrial coating that would stand up to high humidity and harsh environmental conditions. The end user wanted to apply the coating to steel, concrete and wood surfaces. Additionally, they requested that the coating would contain no heavy metals or environmental hazards from volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Beginning with a resin platform as a starting formulation, FCAD designed the first phase of the project to focus on reengineering the pigmentation and additive package. When the client was satisfied with the formulation, batch samples were tested in under various conditions and evaluated to meet defined parameters. The resulting formulation met the client’s qualifications and the client was able to proceed to production.

Technological Capabilities

  • Chemical Research

    Chemical Research to remain competitive and meet the demand for more complex structures.

  • Manufacturing Support

    Manufacturing Support Service for process transfer from the development stage to production.

  • Application Research

    Application Research with continuous investment to bridge the gap between basic research and application.

  • Manufacturing Capabilities

    Manufacturing Capabilities from research level production to full cGMP manufacturing.