• 08 APR 13
    Manufacturing Capabilities

    Manufacturing Capabilities

    FCAD is the world’s fine chemical full service provider, comprising

    Research level production
    Full cGMP manufacturing and regulatory support
    Capacity to produce from milligram amounts for preclinical work up to tons of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
    Manufacturing of key intermediates in ton quantities
    Production of small molecule generics in multiple tons
    Production and release of finished dosage forms

    FCAD’s manufacturing capabilities are designed to meet current and future customer needs with respect to synthetic strategy. Thanks to our multi-purpose equipment, we can accommodate a wide range of chemical reactions and are expert in the synthesis of complex organic compounds.

    Nearly all functional groups involved
    Purification strategy
    Flexibility and upscaling
    Special customer request (i.e. dedicated production lines)
    Special equipment (i.e. electrolysis unit, high-pressure equipment, loop reactor)

    FCAD offers the following services for finished dosage forms intended for clinical trials or commercial supply for its Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs):

    • Compatibility studies
    • Stability studies
    • Sterile filling and formulation development in cooperation with partners
    • Release of finished dosage forms

    Technological Capabilities

    • Chemical Research

      Chemical Research to remain competitive and meet the demand for more complex structures.

    • Manufacturing Support

      Manufacturing Support Service for process transfer from the development stage to production.

    • Manufacturing Capabilities

      Manufacturing Capabilities from research level production to full cGMP manufacturing.

    • Application Research

      Application Research with continuous investment to bridge the gap between basic research and application.

Service & Support

  • Manufacturing Support Service for process transfer from the development stage to production.

  • Method Development & Validation Service for the analytical portfolio and the entire life cycle of a drug.

  • Process Optimization Service to developing a new process or improve existing synthetic route.

  • Formulation Development Service for surfactants, preservatives, fragrances, resins, pigments…

  • Custom Synthesis Service provided by our professional teams focusing on different classes.