Our Clients

FCAD helps clients from different fields to develop their required fine chemicals or formulations. From pharmaceutical materials to diagnostic reagents, cruing agent to construction chemicals, photographic formulations to electronic intermediates, cosmetics ingredients to flavors, FCAD and the subsidiaries try to achieve high quality by the most economic route. Our clients include GE, P&G, Siemens, Sony, Pfizer, Merck, AstraZeneca, Sigma-Aldrich, TCI and so on.

FCAD at a glance

Fine Chemical Application Development Corporation (commonly referred as FCAD) is the world’s leading fine chemical company: The Fine Chemical Expert. With our dedicated scientists, advanced equipment, lab and production sites, we serve customers and partners in almost all countries of the world.

We combine economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection. Through science and innovation we enable our customers in almost all industries to meet the current and future needs of society.

Our products and system solutions contribute to conserving resources, ensuring healthy food and nutrition and helping to improve quality of life.

We have summed up this contribution in our corporate purpose:
We create fine chemical for a better life.

The success of chemical application development depends on the continuous accumulated know-how and a professional attitude.

— Tony Watson

Our Information, Solution and Service should always be more Professional, Comprehensive and Accurate than expected.

— Andy Noke
  • Areas We Served

    pharmaceutical chain

    FCAD develops and manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), intermediates, basic materials as well as some key impurities. It is often the simple solution that sorts out a complex problem. At FCAD, we know that innovation, speed-to-market and cost-effectiveness are key to pharmaceutical companies. With expertise across the entire pharmaceutical value chain we deliver on all three accounts, from lab to launch. When experts drive simple solutions, it’s because at FCAD, we create fine chemicals.
    We serve many clients in pharmaceutical area such as AstraZeneca, Dey, GSK, KRKA, Merck, Mylan, Novartis and Pfizer.


    Get higher throughput with unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability from your sensitive, state-of-the-art diagnostic technology — with FCAD histology products and other products from our line of performance chemistries.
    Our chemistries for healthcare applications are ideal for today’s smaller sampling sizes, fast assay turnaround times, and continual development of new assays in infectious diseases, metabolic markers and cardiology.
    Our high purity solvents and laboratory reagents are at work in a variety of healthcare applications and are utilized in analytical chromatography and spectrophotometry techniques around the world.
    Our served clients in health care area include Siemens and Sekisui.


    Solid propellant rockets are much easier to store and handle than liquid propellant rockets. High propellant density makes for compact size as well. These features plus simplicity and low cost make solid propellant rockets ideal for military applications.

    Military as special field requires long time accumulation, rich experience as well as unique test conditions, which are all possessed by FCAD. The products developed by FCAD include but not limited to rocket fuels, cruing agents and propellant additives. All our clients’ information and most of products’ data are highly confidential protected under NDA (None-disclosure agreement). We can undertake custom synthesis project on rocket chemicals from g to mt scale.


    FCAD develops and manufactures fine chemicals which are widely used in Aerospace, Automotive, Shipbuilding, Construction, Packaging, Water Treatment, Energy, Infrastructure and so on. Our served clients in industry area include Siemens, GE…


    FCAD electronic chemicals business focuses on high quality, high-purity specialty chemical materials for the fast growing electronics market. Our materials are widely used in integrated circuits and devices, flat panel displays and light-emitting diodes. FCAD is a critical partner to the leading global electronics players because our chemical technology allows them to enhance existing processes and innovate new products. This is vitally important in today’s fast changing digital world where there is increasing demand and a drive towards smaller, faster, more powerful and less expensive technology. In electronic area, we do much more than supply products, we deliver solutions. Our chemists and engineers have the experience and expertise to develop the technology, processes and custom formulations you need. By producing our chemicals from basic raw materials, we have better control of product quality and increased reliability of supply.
    Our served clients in electronics area include Rolic Technologies, Samsung, Sony, Fujitsu and Merck.


    FCAD’s particular strength is anticipating and meeting the needs of the market. In this way we help our customers to be more successful and at the same time contribute to people’s well-being.
    Clear skin, healthy teeth, shiny hair. The wish list for looking attractive is long. FCAD raw materials make these wishes come true in products for hair, oral, skin and sun care, and color cosmetics. Our portfolio spans high quality active ingredients, polymers, effect pigments, UV filters and surfactants.
    Meeting the highest hygiene requirements and at the same time environmentally friendly – FCAD’s versatile range of ingredients for detergents and cleaners offers both. They include surfactants, polymers, chelating agents, UV filters, plasticizers, waxes and aqueous emulsions. These are used to manufacture sanitary and household cleaners, detergents and dishwashing liquids as well as preservatives, wood coatings and galvanic surface modification.
    Our customers in home and personal care include P&G and L’OREAL


    Farmers shoulder a lot of responsibility. They manage their businesses in a complex, uncertain environment. And what they produce is weightier than widgets. We all rely on their success: to feed us, clothe us and keep farmland healthy for the next generation.
    It’s a long way from our chemistry labs to a farm, but the work that is done in those labs helps farmers to solve real problems, season after season. The basic question for farming professionals is: how can I maximize my yields, while ensuring that I produce in a sustainable way? Our crop protection products play an important role.
    A lot of factors can decimate yields: unfavourable weather, insects, imported weeds and resistance to an important fungicide. When we think about a new product or service, we try to keep all of this in mind. Talking with our field agronomists about day-to-day farm management challenges helps our scientists develop better products. How, for example, can FCAD technology originally developed for builders or diaper manufacturers help farmers perform even better?
    On this Internet site, we invite you – agriculture professionals and anyone else interested in the role of crop protection in farming – to discover how we see our contribution. We also invite you to explore all of the other ways that pesticides help us live better lives: in urban pest control, in the fight against malaria and other insect-borne diseases, in forestland management…


    We have created many of the world’s most well known flavors we enjoy each day, though FCAD’s name is not usually mentioned.
    Our passion for flavors, our creativity and innovation, together with our exceptional understanding of sensory perceptions and trends, have forged our world-class reputation. Our consistently superior investments in R&D substantiate our desire to understand, share and reinvent the best of what nature has to offer in the realms of taste.
    Our segments of Food & Flavors business include those added to,
    Beverages: liquid carbonated, powder drinks, tea, coffee, alcoholic drinks, etc.
    Sweet Goods: bakery, desserts, cereals, dairy, etc.
    Savory Foods: snacks, soups, sauces, fats & oils, etc.


    Chemical stands at the pivot of industries. On the one hand it provides better solutions for current fields. On the other hand it mingles with other science and creates new areas. Chemistry links the familiar with the fundamental.

    — Dr. Tony Watson

    Our “Boundless fine chemicals” strategy is also geared towards innovation. As an integrated and global chemical company, we want to drive forward innovative and sustainable solutions as an enabler in more areas that confront us with serious challenges.

  • Subsidiaries

Service & Support

  • Manufacturing Capabilities from research level production to full cGMP manufacturing.

  • Chemical Research to remain competitive and meet the demand for more complex structures.

  • Manufacturing Support Service for process transfer from the development stage to production.

  • Process Optimization Service to developing a new process or improve existing synthetic route.

  • Custom Synthesis Service provided by our professional teams focusing on different classes.