Ulcho Develops State of the Art Carbohydrate based Drugs after Running Extensive Research Programs

Research and development in the field of carbohydrate based drugs is a contemporary addition to the world of chemistry and pharmaceuticals. Little is known regarding this feat, which is why Ulcho Biochemical Ltd continues its efforts of thorough and organized research in understanding and developing carbohydrate based drugs.

Ulcho Biochemical Ltd is an independent R&D company under the umbrella of the FCAD group. The company assists its clients in improving their precise chemical formula. Today, the company is focusing on Carbohydrate, Nucleotide, Nucleoside and some other biochemicals.

Elaborating on carbohydrate based drugs, the company’s spokesperson commented, “The field of carbohydrate chemistry is deeper than the sugars we eat. In pharmaceuticals, the use of carbohydrates has been broadened because of the discovery of its remarkable diagnostic and therapeutic properties, and it is now widely used in the detection of bacterial infections, such as M.Tuberculosis, and sclerosis. It has also been found out that post meal carbohydrate drug administration actually controls the sugar levels in the human body and helps to keep it optimum.”

The spokesperson further added, “This successful research wouldn’t have been a possibility if it weren’t for the ethical and honest environment of the company. All the samples that were obtained during the research were legally approved and all the tests run to understand the chemistry of carbohydrates were in accordance with the laws and industrial regulations.”

Ulcho Biochemical Ltd is supported by various other research and development companies which was a huge benefit for the company as it was able to conduct the research in a fully equipped environment with the help of the most sought after experts and scientists of the pharmaceutical industry.

The spokesperson concluded by saying, “Due to our ethical work policies and extraordinary product research, we enjoy remarkable client retention. Our clients recommend us further as well, which broadens our horizon of satisfied customers. At Ulcho Biochemical Ltd, we strive to stay a step ahead of the rest, and with the launch of the new carbohydrate based drugs, we aim to achieve just that.”

To know more about our Carbohydrate products, please visit the site of Ulcho Biochemical Ltd (http://www.ulcho.com)