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    Application Triphenylbismuth is added to the fuel of rocket as curing agent.
    Synonyms TriphenyLbismuth; triphenylbismuthane; Triphenylbismuthine; Aerotex; Bismuth triphenyl; Bismuth,; triphenyl-; Trifenylbismutin; Triphenyl bismuth; Triphenylbismuthan
    CAS Number 603-33-8 | EINECS 210-033-4 | Molecular Formula C18H15Bi | Molecular Weight 440.30 | MDL Number MFCD00014064 | Beilstein Registry Number 5710932
    SMILES c3c([Bi](c1ccccc1)c2ccccc2)cccc3
    Similar Products Fuel curing agent


      Properties of Triphenylbismuth

      Appearance Off-white to white crystal
      Melting Point 77°C min
      Water Solubility Insoluble


      Description of Triphenylbismuth

      Standard Military Standard
      Mass Fraction 99% min(HPLC)
      HPLC Conditions Wavelength: 226nm or 254nm; Mobile Phase: Acetonitrile: Water=80:20, eluted by 30 minutes without added acid.
      Bismuth Mass Fraction 47%-47.9%
      Acetone Insoluble Material Mass Fraction 0.1% max
      Mg Mass Fraction 0.003% max
      Total Halogen Mass Fraction (Cl) 0.05% max
      Productivity 500kg/month
      Symbol exclamation-mark-jpgGHS07
      Signal Word Warning
      Hazard Statements H302-H312-H332
      Precautionary Statements P280
      Hazard Codes (Europe) Xn
      Risk Statements (Europe) 20/21/22
      Safety Statements (Europe) 36/37
      WGK Germany 3

      Triphenylbismuth HNMR

      Triphenylbismuth CAS 603-33-8 HNMR
      Triphenylbismuth at Watson Noke http://watsonnoke.com/triphenylbismuth-cas-603-33-8/
      Triphenylbismuth at Watson International http://watson-int.com/Triphenylbismuth_CAS_603-33-8.html

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