• What are Silver Nanowires?

    What are Silver Nanowires?

    Brief Introduction of Nanowires Nanowires have a number of exciting properties which are not exhibited by 3-D or bulk materials. This is due to the fact that electrons within the nanowires are quantum confined and have energy levels that differ from that of the bulk materials. Nanowires are nanostructures with a diameter  in the order of
  • Polyberg Develops and Scales up Silver Nanowire (Agnw)

    Polyberg Develops and Scales up Silver Nanowire (Agnw)

    About Agnw CAS No: 7440-22-4 Silver nanowire (Agnw) is poised to become an essential component of today’s most advanced technologies. Why? To begin with, silver nanowires do their job better than competing materials boasting high transmission rates and low resistance. This combination enables 10-finger touch, brighter displays, and longer battery life—all critical elements in improving