• Proteinase K

    Proteinase K

    Application In molecular biology Proteinase K (EC, protease K) is a broad-spectrum serine protease. The enzyme was discovered in 1974 in extracts of the fungus Engyodontium album (formerly Tritirachium album). Proteinase K is able to digest hair (keratin), hence, the name "Proteinase K". The predominant site of cleavage is the peptide bond adjacent to
  • IVD (In vitro diagnostic) Material Development Service

    IVD (In vitro diagnostic) Material Development Service

    IVD RAW MATERIALS Clinical Chemistry Raw Materials, Molecular Diagnostic Raw Materials, Immunodiagnostic Raw Materials and Coagulation Diagnostic Raw Materials CUSTOM REAGENT Custom development of the Enzymatic Reagent, Immune Turbidimetric Reagent and Molecular Diagnostic Reagent and provide after-sale service GLYCOLIPIDS SCIENCE PRODUCTS Custom development of Glyco-enzymes, Glyco-amino Acids, Sugar Nucleotides, Glyco-probes, Sugar Intermedias and Glyco-lipids Jiangsu