Application SBPBF4+ACN CAS 129211-47-8 is designed for supercapacitors of which used carbon as both anode and cathode electrode, also used as the Metal Plating, Electropolishing, Metal Reprocessing, Phase transfer media, Batteries Fuel Cells, Nanomaterials, Industrial Solvents, Nuclear Fuel Red Waste, Enzymatic Catalysis, Lubricants Heat Transfer and Solar Energy Conversion.

Synonyms SBPBF4+ACN; SBP·BF4+ACN; SBP·BF4+Acetonitrile; SUCCINIMIDYL-[4-(PSORALEN-8-YLOXY)]-BUTYRATE; SPB; 5-Azoniaspiro[4.4]nonane, tetrafluoroborate(1-)

CAS Number 129211-47-8 | Molecular Formula C19H15NO8 | Molecular Weight 385.3243

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