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    Fullerene C70

    Application Fullerene C70 is usually used in optical computing, optical memories,optical signal processing and controlling applications respects; Magnetic resonance imaging; Anti-HIV drugs, anti-cancer drugs, chemotherapy drugs; Cosmetic additives.
    Synonyms (C70-D5h(6))[5,6]fullerene; [70-D5h]fullerene; Buckminsterfullerene, C{7}{0}; Buckminsterfullerene, C70; C70 fullerene; fullerene 70; Fullerene C70; Fullerite; rugbyballene
    CAS Number 115383-22-7 | Molecular Formula C70 | Molecular Weight 840.78 | MDL Number MFCD00146976
    SMILES C12=C3C4=C5C6=C7C8=C9C%10=C%11C%12=C%13C%10=C%10C8=C5C1=C%10C1=C%13C5=C8C1=C2C1=C3C2=C3C%10=C%13C%14=C3C1=C8C1=C3C5=C%12C5=C8C%11=C%11C9=C7C7=C9C6=C4C2=C2C%10=C4C(=C29)C2=C6C(=C8C8=C9C6=C4C%13=C9C(=C%141)C3=C85)C%11=C27
    StdInChI: InChI=1S/C70/c1-2-22-5-6-24-13-14-26-11-9-23-4-3(21(1)51-52(22)54(24)55(26)53(23)51)33-31(1)61-35-7-8-27-15-16-29-19-20-30-18-17-28-12-10(25(7)56-57(27)59(29)60(30)58(28)56)37(35)63(33)65-36(4)40(9)67(44(17)42(12)65)69-46(11)47(14)70(50(20)49(18)69)68-43(13)39(6)66(45(16)48(19)68)64-34(5)32(2)62(61)38(8)41(15)64
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      Properties of Fullerene C70

      Structure Analysis Fullerene C70 has a special spherical configuration, and is the best round of all the molecules.Because of the structure, all molecules of C70 have special stability, while a single C70 molecule is extremely hard at the molecular level, which makes C70 possibly as core material of lubricant; C70 is so hopefully to translate into a new abrasive material with high hardness as a result of C70 molecules’special shape and strong ability to resist external pressures; C70 can be used for the sensor to detect TNT to meet the needs of counter-terrorism; The three-dimensional highly delocalized electron conjugated molecular structure makes C70 have excellent optical and nonlinear optical properties.
      Orbital Energy HOMO 6.2 eV


      Description of Fullerene C70

      Appearance Dark brown or black crystalline powder
      Purity 95% min, 98% min, 99% min(By HPLC)
      Known Impurities C60 oxides, C70 oxides, higher fullerenes and its oxides, solvents
      Productivity kg scale
      Package Per request
      Storage Under room temperature away from light
      Symbol exclamation-mark-jpgGHS07
      Signal Word Warning
      Hazard Statements H319-H335
      Precautionary Statements P261-P305 + P351 + P338
      Personal Protective Equipment dust mask type N95 (US), Eyeshields, Gloves
      Hazard Codes (Europe) Xi
      Risk Statements (Europe) 36/37
      Safety Statements (Europe) 26-36
      WGK Germany 3

      Fullerene C70 CAS 115383-22-7 HPLC of 99%min


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