FCAD Develops Two Derivatives of R-Lipoic Acid to Solve Chemical Instability Issues

R-Liopic Acid is one of the most highly requested chemical compounds that the company develops. However, unbeknown to most, there have been countless questions raised regarding the instability of the compound. The latest medical research shows that pure R-Lipoic Acid (in its free acid form) suffers from stability and bioavailability issues. In other words, without special processing, R-Liopic acid is incredibly difficult to absorb because it’s highly unstable.

FCAD has effectively addressed this issue by developing and synthesizing two derivatives which are stable and easily absorbed the human body. Speaking about these chemical compounds, a spokesperson for the company stated that, “We are pleased to announce two new derivatives that are chemical stable. The first is R alpha Liopic acid Sodium (CAS 176110-81-9) which has a molecular weight of 228.307 g/mol while the other is R alpha Lipoic acid tromethamine salt (CAS 14358-90-8). Both of these compounds are eutomers of Alpha Liopic Acid, making them much more effective and efficient than the former!”

The fact that FCAD has been able to develop to eutomers of Alpha Lipoic Acid is commendable to say the least. These two compounds are highly active and will, therefore, guarantee that clients get the advertised medical benefits of Liopic Acid.
FCAD’s resolve to produce the best chemical compounds for its clients speaks volume for its professionalism. The company prides itself in always exceeding the expectations of its diverse clientele and always provides them potent and application specific chemical solutions.

“The FCAD team values the time of its clients,” the spokesperson continued. “Our clients know full well that they can count on us for any and all chemical needs. We keep open communication channels with our clients and try to address their issues as soon as possible. This results in the formation of a long-lasting customer-company relationship and is the main reason why we’ve been able to add the likes of Sigma-Aldrich, Pfizer, and Merck, etc. to our clientele.”

The Many Uses of Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplements


Reduction in Neuropathic Pain


1. Reduction in Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain is the medical term given to the condition when the somatosensory nervous system is attacked or damage. The condition is so severe and intense that patients who suffer from neuropathic pain often describe it as a ‘stabbing’ and ‘burning’ sensation.
Believe it or not, those who suffer from diabetes are at a significantly high risk of developing neuropathic pain (diabetic nerve pain). This can cause numbness in the patient and is often incredibly difficult to deal with.
This is where ALA supplements come into the picture. According to a research paper posted in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), these antioxidants are great at significantly reducing neuropathic pain in diabetic individuals, making it much easier for them to go about their daily life.


2. A Power Antioxidant for Anti-Ageing

Make no mistake about it, anti-aging is a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, research posted by Reuters.com shows that the international anti-aging market is exponential expanding at an alarming rate of 5.8% and is set to reach the astronomical figure of $331.41 billion before 2021! This also explains why antioxidants like Alpha Lipoic Acid have surged in popularity in recent years.
Countless medical research papers document how ALA supplements can be used to neutralise free radicals in the human body that accelerate aging. This leads to a much young looking skin and effectively slows down the rate at which signs of aging start to appear.




3. Accelerated and Sustainable Weight Loss

The best thing about Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements is that it enhances the rate at which the human body loses weight. Although it’s better to make major dietary changes when trying to lose weight, medical research shows that ALA supplements can increase weight loss even without dieting!
This is due to the fact that Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements vastly improve fat metabolism. This directly leads to an increased breakdown of fats and sugars in the human body. So, if you were to use ALA supplements, your body will start using the sugars in your diet for energy and they won’t be stored as fat – which further increases the rate of weight loss!