• Rare sugars: L-Rhamnose, D-Galactose and D-Mannose

    Rare sugars: L-Rhamnose, D-Galactose and D-Mannose

    Carbohydrates, or as they are more commonly called sugars, are one of the four most important biological macromolecules. These are the primary sources of energy for most organisms. From single-celled bacteria to multicellular human beings, almost all organisms are dependent on sugars. Simple sugars, most prominently glucose, are abundant in nature. These are also theRead more →
  • D-Mannose


    Function 1) Mannose can regulate the immune system; 2) Mannose surface has four kinds of receptors can capture antigen, has mannose composition; 3) Mannose can increase wound healing; 4) Mannose has anti-inflammatory effect; 5) Mannose can inhibit tumor growth and metastasis, increase cancer survival rate; 6) Mannose can avoid certain bacterial infections, such as urinaryRead more →
  • D-Galactose (Plant Based)

    D-Galactose (Plant Based)

    Function 1) Baby Food: the composition of infant formula food closer to breast milk, help to establish the baby’s intestinal bifidobacteria. 2) Health Food: regulate intestinal flora, improve constipation. 3) Functional Drinks: because of its heat and acid stability, it can be added to the functional drinks and soft drinks. 4) Drugs: the addition ofRead more →
  • L-Rhamnose monohydrate

    L-Rhamnose monohydrate

    Function 1) Sweetness of 33% sucrose, sweet taste, can be used as sweeteners. 2) Can be used to determine the intestinal permeability. Application Synthesis of aroma Furaneol, cardiac drugs , directly used as food additive, sweetener etc. 1) Cardiac Drugs: many natural cardiac drug molecular structure are connected to the end of a L-rhamnose, inRead more →