All about Quality Control and Packaging of Chemicals


Quality control and packaging of chemicals is an essential part of any supply chain industry. Chemicals need special care because of their delicate nature that gets affected by the slightest change in temperature and pressure. Adequate packaging prevents the risk of toxicity and acts as an effective means of identification, protection, information, and presentation.

Following are the necessary quality control and packaging facts that need to be kept in mind:

Chemical Packaging

An advanced array of materials is used while packaging chemicals, depending on their type and reactivity. It includes aluminum containers, amber glass, amber poly coated glass, flouropolymer bottle, glass ampules, cubitainers, lined steel drums, polyethylene bottles, hedpacks, pails, and drums. Returnable polyethylene drums, poly composite drums and intermediate bulk containers are also used for chemical packaging.

Packaging Tests

Chemical packaging testing is divided into two branches:


Testing The Materials

This includes chemical, mechanical, and environmental tests. Materials maybe tested for alkalinity, acidity, creasing, folding, absorption and permeability to water vapors, gases and oils.

Testing the Packages

Package testing is further divided into mechanical and environmental testing. Mechanical tests are applied majorly to the outer surface of the package to judge its strength. While environmental tests examine a package’s reaction to different environmental conditions such as increased humidity or direct sunlight.

Hazards Encountered by a Package

Mechanical hazards that can be encountered by a package include shock, puncture, compression, and vibration. While environmental hazards include contamination, temperature, moisture, light, pressure, and presence of different gases that a chemical may react with.


Ideal Requirements of a Good Package

An ideal package should be free of any leakage, permeation, or spoilage. It should be sturdy enough to protect the contents within against environmental conditions such as light, air and moisture. It should also be strong enough to withstand shocks and compressions. It must be noted that the package material must not react with the chemical in any case, must be protected against molds and bacteria, and should facilitate easy identification.

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